Kirk Hastings is a protosimian


Sgt. O’Hara couldn’t understand Latin, but she HAD developed a bit of a radar for 40-year-old erections over the years.

It has come to our attention that Kirk Hastings has pulled his masterworks–Superman in Custody, and that other one set in 65 AD Rome where innocent Christians are persecuted by the evil BAMBINI CORPORATION–from his account. So that his vision will never die, we here at Meat Mutant have encapsulated all of Kirk’s wonderful and gripping body of work with a single illustration. Enjoy!

Joemma and Help Meat Tort review some of Kirk Hastings’ Superman based fan fiction.

We had a lot of fun doing this one – so much to laugh at.

Kirk’s takes on science, culture, language, feminism, race relations, physics, martial arts and of course religion are ripe for the mocking. And mock we do.

Emma summed it up thus:  It was like reading a shopping list, but written by a stupid, misogynisitc, creotard with the imagination of a daddy longlegs on Xanax.

And no, Kirk, that was NOT an obvious come on, even for 65 AD.


Joemma have finally done it. Here it is, the long awaited E4F take down. To be completely honest, I don’t want to talk about it any more. I have been traumatised enough. It’s your turn now.
Dr. Emma

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