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  • This guestbook is an important feature in any website worth its salt!

  • Hey Gliblord! I know this is a stupid question, but how do I make a user account for this website? I can only find the lost password feature

  • Hi SIG,

    This is being looked into.

    Apparently you should be able to log in if you already have a WordPress account, but our techy person Meaty Mutant is on the case.

    Good to see you here!

  • Okay, I have made usernames with both wordpress.com and wordpress.org and I still can't log in. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Can you see the login section? Top of the sidebar. I see it, so if it isnt there let me know! Might be a case of ghoooooooooostssssssssssss.

  • Sup! What are you lookin to do? I see you can post at least. I really don't have a registration system, whatever wordpress seemed to have implemented already i didnt change. And honestly i'm just a designer so thats about the most of it! But if you need anything or have any advice, lemme know and ill do the best that i can.

  • somewhere in greece here, it turned out to be an embarrassingly simple issue. See, I was using the username and password I had created at wordpress.com as my login information, when I had to register to the site first and the use the newly generated password emailed to the account associated with the wordpress username.

    I am a sad excuse for a geek.

  • "embarrassingly simple" – welcome to the intellectual tone of our podcast

  • Hay gies, things doing well?

    • Boggs! Yay!

      Joemma are having a ball doing Meat Mutant (work etc continues to suck). Glad to see you here. Hope you are enjoying the show and that the family are well. We should be recording again in a couple of days, so we are busy researching our butts off. Never realised how much time doing this took, but it's so much fun that it is well worth it.


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