Christmas Meat Miracle


Compliments of the season to all.

As our gift to you, we have a Christmas episode in which we take the piss out of Bear Grylls. Not hard to do, seeing he does it to himself all the time.

Urine for a meaty, protein filled treat.

Amongst discussions about a cure for hiccoughs, Meat Mutant porn, Pokemon, environmentally friendly cleaning products, squeaky toys, Elton John, JIS, balaclavas and scorched knees…….we mention some information about the months of the year. Happy Holidays mutants – may your turkeys be four legged, and your hams bigger than Ken Ham. We will be back in 2015.MM Nativity

SFAC 6Merry Christmas, mutants. What better pressie could we give you than over an hour of Joemma and Chuck Morrison destroying another E4F episode. We prophecy that you will love it more than glazed ham or turkey with cranberry sauce. That is one prophecy that will come true (unlike all the ones we discuss on this episode).

In our last episode for 2011, Joemma celebrate Meat Mutant’s very first Christmas. Awww……It’s a time of gift giving, a large amount of JIS, children being sold as ham, women being forced into prostitution, bad kids getting coal as presents, black faced adolescents in frilly clothes spanking younger children, pentagrams, troll mums and the potential beginning of World War III. Season’s Greetings!

Joemma (and a few of our regular listeners, as you will hear) wish you all happy and safe holidays and beneficial mutations in the New Year. Thanks for listening and sharing our first Meat Mutant Christmas with us.

See you in a few weeks,

Joemma and Meat Mutant

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