Interviews and Helpmeat Specials

A mhairchidnaother that has lost faith in the Catholic Church faces a dilemma: continue a life without religion and send her young daughter to an inferior school, or have her daughter baptized so that she can attend a Catholic school with a better educational record. Joemma interview Katitenisha about this part of her life, and discuss the issues therein.

Joemma and Help Meat Dave discuss some of the more ‘interesting’ myths and poetry of the pre Christian Near East. People with 3 different accents trying to fluently converse about identities such as Ninḫursaĝa and Ningiriutud and their risque tales – what could go wrong? Welcome to a complete Mesopotamia. Welcome, you are. You are welcome.Mesopotamia Fam tree 2

Steve MeatWe continue to enjoy the folklore of The Philippines with Help Meat Ivan, and Not So Help, Not So Meat, “Steve”. Hilarity (in the context of utmost culturally sensitivity) ensues. Again.

Joemma continue their exploration of Oceania.

To celebrate Independence Day in The Philippines (June 12th), we drill into the mythology and folklore of The Philippines with a native of The Archipelago.

We bet you can’t wait to get your filthy imperialist hands on this one. You will be high FIvan us when you finish listening.


Joemma (“The Atheists”) are joined by paranormal experiencer, podcaster, author and ponderer of the deep and meaningful Jeremy Vaeni. He challenged us with  some really profound questions, and we made dick jokes. In summary, Joe had his Brooklyn on, Emma had her science pants on (way too tight), and Jeremy had nothing on. Oh, and we may have captured an EVP at around the 26 minute mark.

Jeremy’s blog can be found at Look him up!

Finally, our final instalment in the Norse Mythology Trilogy.  In this episode, Joemma are joined by our resident heathen Whelve to discuss Asatru – a modern take on ancient Germanic beliefs. As we have a Help Meat with us, be prepared for a fair bit of JIS which will take your breath away. Emma’s cat also makes a cameo appearance, (we think to protest the discussion of animal sacrifice  and white human supremacy) as does Thor, just because he wanted some attention. Overall, it’s a fascinating discussion of heathenry. Remember that Meat Mutant puts the “ass” in Asatru. True.

SFAC 6Merry Christmas, mutants. What better pressie could we give you than over an hour of Joemma and Chuck Morrison destroying another E4F episode. We prophecy that you will love it more than glazed ham or turkey with cranberry sauce. That is one prophecy that will come true (unlike all the ones we discuss on this episode).

Welcome to a demonicopossessiology seminar most informative, as the Mysterious but Beguiling Professor Doctor Milady joins Joemma for this episode. Today it’s all about demons, possession, and how to deal with that slight problem (i.e. exorcism).  About half way through the episode we learn that we should not have been saying the demons names at all (oops – our bad). About two thirds of the way through we learn that Joe is more possessed than Emma. By then end, it deteriorates into a speaking in tongues frenzy more demonic than The Exorcist meets The Amityville Horror (and almost as funny).

Joemma and Help Meat Tort review some of Kirk Hastings’ Superman based fan fiction.

We had a lot of fun doing this one – so much to laugh at.

Kirk’s takes on science, culture, language, feminism, race relations, physics, martial arts and of course religion are ripe for the mocking. And mock we do.

Emma summed it up thus:  It was like reading a shopping list, but written by a stupid, misogynisitc, creotard with the imagination of a daddy longlegs on Xanax.

And no, Kirk, that was NOT an obvious come on, even for 65 AD.


Joe and Emma have never done anything not illegal, and this is doubly true for the Meat Mutant podcast. Furthermore, we own absolutely every property swiped for cheap gags, a fact that may come as a surprise to those who created them. Lawyers, please sling only your most defamatory arrows. Go for the low blows. Contact Joe for a list of everything wrong he's ever done, he should have a fresh list in about fifteen.