Eastern Religions

A very special episode in which Joemma MEET for the second time ever to discuss MEAT and religion. Sink your teeth into this juicy episode (but only under very strict conditions, and with a truckload of guilt). Herewith we METE out this episode. Cheers.MM thumbnail

Joemma and Help Meat Dave discuss some of the more ‘interesting’ myths and poetry of the pre Christian Near East. People with 3 different accents trying to fluently converse about identities such as Ninḫursaĝa and Ningiriutud and their risque tales – what could go wrong? Welcome to a complete Mesopotamia. Welcome, you are. You are welcome.Mesopotamia Fam tree 2


Now that Joe is living in Japan, we felt it would behoove us to revisit some Japanese folklore. One can never have enough of cute animals with giant testicles, vengeful crabs, boys born from Freudian peaches, 10th century science fiction, less than ideal wives, painfully bad voice acting and the ukulele – can one?

In summary: Dismembered body bits, guys collecting dead women’s hands and taking them to bed, sacred teeth, holy breast milk, nuns licking Jesus’s foreskin and a blooper reel at the end. Enjoy.

We pick up where we left off and continue to explore Down Under. In this episode, we focus on more contemporary forms of worship and newsworthy stories of faith. Southern hemisphere saints, sports, swimwear and psychos are all presented for your enjoyment. Joemma have been podcasting for a year now. Is it possible for them to become more immature and tangential as time passes? Yes, yes it is.

Joemma take a tour through the religious highlights of Australian history after European settlement. When the First Fleet arrived, Australia was transformed into a land of very sunburnt Anglo-Saxon Christians (many of whom had been naughty in England). Through policy and politics, this has changed over the last 200 years or so, and now Australia is a melting pot of all sorts of faiths, beliefs and customs (with its fair share of nutbags). There was so much for us to talk about, that we needed to make this a 2 parter. So, enjoy hearing all about the first fleet, flogging, flying uteri, Fred and furry animals. Also enjoy hearing Emma coughing up a lung. ‘k’noath.

Let’s crack open 2012 with some seriously suss State Shinto. Joemma return to the land of the rising sun for yet another lesson in why mixing church and state is just, well, bad. This one’s all about The Emperor – a descendent of the gods who can do magic and whom you must worship and die for.   After all he IS Japan, and you ARE part of him and….wait, what? You’ll hear yourself saying that a lot during this episode which might just give you some understanding of how and why Japan was such an arsehole in the Second World War. Without further ado, let’s crash full bore into crazy land.

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