A mhairchidnaother that has lost faith in the Catholic Church faces a dilemma: continue a life without religion and send her young daughter to an inferior school, or have her daughter baptized so that she can attend a Catholic school with a better educational record. Joemma interview Katitenisha about this part of her life, and discuss the issues therein.

A very special episode in which Joemma MEET for the second time ever to discuss MEAT and religion. Sink your teeth into this juicy episode (but only under very strict conditions, and with a truckload of guilt). Herewith we METE out this episode. Cheers.MM thumbnail

One day, Joe wondered what was up with all the different kinds of angels – especially the little chubby naked baby ones. So, Emma researched how The Angels roll. The result is this episode on The Hierarchy of Angels/Aliens (just ask Ezekiel).aliens angels

NoThe Apostlest all of the Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible walked around with their mouths gaping dumbly, but a suspiciously large percentage of those that did were the vaunted groupies of the LORD.



JudaserialMMIn April 33 CE, a man named Jesus, The King of The Jews, was arrested. One of his disciples, Judas, was accused of betraying him. The case against him was largely based on stories written many, many years after this actual event supposedly took place. But Judas maintains that there is a lot more to this story than what we have been told. Some people believe he’s telling the truth. Many others don’t. This is Judaserial – one story, told with words.

Joemma go crazy talking about crazy (or possibly just “eccentric”) saints. More weird and wonderful Christian history that’s more “holy moly” than holy.

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Joe’s “special sauce”

There was this guy called John who had a miraculous birth, ate bugs, wore camels, baptised a crap tonne of people and died a kick arse death. Hear all about it from Joemma.

In summary: Dismembered body bits, guys collecting dead women’s hands and taking them to bed, sacred teeth, holy breast milk, nuns licking Jesus’s foreskin and a blooper reel at the end. Enjoy.

Welcome to a demonicopossessiology seminar most informative, as the Mysterious but Beguiling Professor Doctor Milady joins Joemma for this episode. Today it’s all about demons, possession, and how to deal with that slight problem (i.e. exorcism).  About half way through the episode we learn that we should not have been saying the demons names at all (oops – our bad). About two thirds of the way through we learn that Joe is more possessed than Emma. By then end, it deteriorates into a speaking in tongues frenzy more demonic than The Exorcist meets The Amityville Horror (and almost as funny).

The Catholic guilt….The Catholic GUILT! We were both born with it….or was that sin? Anyway, Joemma felt sooo bad about not talking about the Catholic church for a while, that we put together this little ditty for y’all. We take a brief tour through the history of The Holy See. WTF is that you ask? Well, listen and find out. Peter, Popes, and more bumfucks than you can poke a stick at. It’s all here, just west of the river Tibre.

We pick up where we left off and continue to explore Down Under. In this episode, we focus on more contemporary forms of worship and newsworthy stories of faith. Southern hemisphere saints, sports, swimwear and psychos are all presented for your enjoyment. Joemma have been podcasting for a year now. Is it possible for them to become more immature and tangential as time passes? Yes, yes it is.

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