Joemma and Help Meat Tort review some of Kirk Hastings’ Superman based fan fiction.

We had a lot of fun doing this one – so much to laugh at.

Kirk’s takes on science, culture, language, feminism, race relations, physics, martial arts and of course religion are ripe for the mocking. And mock we do.

Emma summed it up thus:  It was like reading a shopping list, but written by a stupid, misogynisitc, creotard with the imagination of a daddy longlegs on Xanax.

And no, Kirk, that was NOT an obvious come on, even for 65 AD.


Joemma have finally done it. Here it is, the long awaited E4F take down. To be completely honest, I don’t want to talk about it any more. I have been traumatised enough. It’s your turn now.
Dr. Emma

In this episode, Joemma interview Hotttpocket (who will be well known to those of you who were on the Irreligiosophy forums). Hotttpocket tells her story of being not religious, then religious, and now not religious. We discuss the way that faith is discussed by some people in L.A., and the wanker word bingo that often ensues. To take full advantage of Hotttpocket being a stand up comedienne, we have chosen a JIS of the week comprised purely of “clean laughs”. To balance that out we also talk about lesbian sex, masturbation, heroin, and the sin that is Wonder Bread.

PS: Ignore the gong at the one hour mark – I couldn’t edit it out.

It had to happen – an episode about cats. We start with half an hour of cat JIS, and then delve into the long history of feline worship and folklore. We cover cats in ancient Egypt, Islam, Buddhism, some myths regarding certain breeds of cats, beckoning cats, black cats and finish it all of wit teh LOLCat bible, srsly. This episode also features Emma’s cat Herschel providing contextual commentary, Joe singing, Emma making pig noises, and some really annoying music. You can haz episode nao…..srsly. Hope it makes you LOL.

Links re bovine hormone:



Giants, giants and more giants. There are also some guys who like to wrestle giants, discover countries inhabited by giants (and humbly name said countries after themselves), and huge tracts of land created by giants. Throw in some Shakespeare, American tourists, saliva, stones, fiddlers, dogs, knockers and pasties – how can you go wrong? A shortish episode crammed full of really big things…..oh my Gogmagog you’re gonna enjoy this one.

Where do we start? So much to talk about, so little time. In honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee (and mainly because we felt like it), Joemma take a look at some of the very, very wyrd beliefs that have existed amongst the people of The British Isles. Yes there are giants, magical cauldrons, monsters, and levitating kings. To start it all off, there is a totally irrelevant JIS of the week.  Get ready to hear about a side of Ireland, Wales and Scotland that you may have never heard about before. And if you have heard about it before, you probably thought the person telling you was taking the piss. Not so, laddies and lassies. Next time we delve into England.

In part 2, when Emma refers to the “dog on the wall”…

This is what she is referring to:

BTW, that is Hadrian’ s Wall in Northern England.




In this 2 hour marathon, Joemma and special guest Tort opine about 2 episodes of “Through The Wormhole” – “Is There Life After Death?” and “Is There a Creator?” This is a documentary series narrated by Morgan Freeman that supposedly addresses deep and meaningful questions about life, ”coshushness” and science.  As you will hear, we don’t come across much science. However, there is lots of CGI, dramatic music, personal anecdotes, vertical particles, cowabunga physicists, butterflies, quantum entangled afterlife brains and leaps of logic and faith that will astound. Special treats for listeners include the unleashing of “Ghetto Emma” and a short discussion about her attendance at the Global Atheist Convention. So get ready to be spaced out, yo beeyatches.

As you may know, the site has been down for a few days due to some kind of cyber-attack/hacking shenanigans.

We owe Chuck and Marco huge thanks for their hard work in getting the site up and running again.

Thanks guys – from the bottom of Joemma’s meaty beaty hearts.

We pick up where we left off and continue to explore Down Under. In this episode, we focus on more contemporary forms of worship and newsworthy stories of faith. Southern hemisphere saints, sports, swimwear and psychos are all presented for your enjoyment. Joemma have been podcasting for a year now. Is it possible for them to become more immature and tangential as time passes? Yes, yes it is.

Joemma take a tour through the religious highlights of Australian history after European settlement. When the First Fleet arrived, Australia was transformed into a land of very sunburnt Anglo-Saxon Christians (many of whom had been naughty in England). Through policy and politics, this has changed over the last 200 years or so, and now Australia is a melting pot of all sorts of faiths, beliefs and customs (with its fair share of nutbags). There was so much for us to talk about, that we needed to make this a 2 parter. So, enjoy hearing all about the first fleet, flogging, flying uteri, Fred and furry animals. Also enjoy hearing Emma coughing up a lung. ‘k’noath.

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