Joemma go down south to explore the myths, religious beliefs and folklore of some of the people of Oceania. We visit some of the smaller and more exotic islands such as Palau, Vanuatu, Rapa Nui, and of course, D.J.S.’s recent homeland, Guam. Tales of lewd tentacles, rockin’ men, coconut radios and salty grunt men await y’all. ugly baby Jesus

The most tasty of help meats, Hotttpocket, joins Joemma for our final (fingers crossed) analysis of another face palm Evidence 4 Faith episode. A couple of uninvited guests drop in, exponentially magnifying the hilarity that ensues. With more JIS and sinful tangents than you can poke a stick at, this is an episode to remember.

Joemma go crazy talking about crazy (or possibly just “eccentric”) saints. More weird and wonderful Christian history that’s more “holy moly” than holy.

Moon Goddess1

FINALLY – the most mature podcast in the universe has found an excuse to devote a whole episode to “jizz”. As you will hear, this episode is all really all about birds. Listen to discover all about birds’ jizz and it’s role in in faith, folklore and mythology.


Now that Joe is living in Japan, we felt it would behoove us to revisit some Japanese folklore. One can never have enough of cute animals with giant testicles, vengeful crabs, boys born from Freudian peaches, 10th century science fiction, less than ideal wives, painfully bad voice acting and the ukulele – can one?

JTB screen cap 4

Joe’s “special sauce”

There was this guy called John who had a miraculous birth, ate bugs, wore camels, baptised a crap tonne of people and died a kick arse death. Hear all about it from Joemma.

Joemma (“The Atheists”) are joined by paranormal experiencer, podcaster, author and ponderer of the deep and meaningful Jeremy Vaeni. He challenged us with  some really profound questions, and we made dick jokes. In summary, Joe had his Brooklyn on, Emma had her science pants on (way too tight), and Jeremy had nothing on. Oh, and we may have captured an EVP at around the 26 minute mark.

Jeremy’s blog can be found at http://www.jayvay.com. Look him up!

In summary: Dismembered body bits, guys collecting dead women’s hands and taking them to bed, sacred teeth, holy breast milk, nuns licking Jesus’s foreskin and a blooper reel at the end. Enjoy.

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