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“Meat Mutant” is the continuation of “The Second Law” podcast, which was a fancast/ sister podcast affiliated under Irreligiosophy.

The Irreligiosophy podcast went on hiatus, so we thought we’d cut the umbilical cord and set ourselves up as an independent podcast.

So here we are – Joemma (two ex-Catholics and now staunch atheists) with our very own podcast – Meat Mutant.

<< Our Christening>>


Our earlier name, “The Second Law,” has a couple of layers of very significant meaning.

In the first instance, it refers to the infamous exchange between the hosts of Irreligiosophy and the gentlemen (cough cough) from the Evidence 4 Faith podcast (a very entertainingly stupid Christian apologetics mob). Just for a change, the E4F guys brought up the fact that evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. One of the examples they gave to support this argument was that if you plug in a piece of meat, it will no longer decay (yes, we thought WTF? as well).

We love that story so much, we just can’t let it go. We also love meat, and mutants. Hence, our new name, Meat Mutant.

 <<Your Not So Immaculate Hosts>>


< < < <– EMMA –> > > >


@( * O * )@

I am an Aussie who was rasied as a Catholic, and spent 13 years attending an all girl Catholic school run by the Sisters of the Faithful Companions of Jesus. As I grew up, I realised religion was bullshit and am now proud to say that I am an atheist. I love cats (especially my tabby Herschel), and spend what little spare time I have indulging in my hobbies of astronomy, paeleontology and cryptic crosswords. Oh, and I do the God damn editing for this podcast, being the tech. nerd that I am.

< < < <– JOE –> > > >


•͡˘    •͡˘

I am composed largely of matter, including quite a few molecules and even more atoms and subatomic particles. On a theoretical level, I can be further broken down into vibrating strings called branes, which offer keyholes into other dimensions. In the scale most non-midget humans are accustomed to, I measure (very roughly) five feet nine and seven twelfths inches tall, or 1.933 yards, or 1.767 meters–just a little shorter than the approximate length of the DNA strands of my own genome. Since I don’t know the content of my own genome, I can’t determine for certain my ancestry, but judging by my physical makeup it’s a fair guess that I am truly born of the couple of hairy bipeds who claim to be my parents; that is, unless either I or they are holographically disguised.

Gravity ties me to the planet known as Earth by the planet’s sole sentient species (of which I am a member of some twenty-three orbital revolutions), or at least its most populous linguistic sect. According to the other linguistic sect to which I belong, this planet is “la terra.” According to the linguistic sect whose membership I covet most assiduously, this planet is “chikyuu.”

I am an organism of the animal kingdom, specifically a mammal of the primate persuasion, and I am quite lucky to have been born to the species within that small subset with the capability for complex speech and advanced communication, unique in this sector of the cosmos as of the time this was written. I enjoy intellectual pursuits such as reading, writing, and making fish noises with my mouth. I also, from day to day, engage in arithmetic and entertain all manner of abstractions, all the while shunning physical exertion due to a burning desire to lord it over lesser monkeys (an aim which is perhaps better served simply by feasting on them). Insecure though I may seem while habitually comparing penis sizes with gibbons at the local zoo (I’ll catch up with you one day, Candy) I am nothing if not lovable while on the air, so sunlight can suck it. As for atheism, reality kicks so much ass I can’t do it justice, but I’ll try my very best to adhere as closely to the truth as possible, unless I’m writing a comedy sketch, which is 90% of the time.

 27th Jan 2012: A screen grab of us in action (recording State Shinto)

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