The most tasty of help meats, Hotttpocket, joins Joemma for our final (fingers crossed) analysis of another face palm Evidence 4 Faith episode. A couple of uninvited guests drop in, exponentially magnifying the hilarity that ensues. With more JIS and sinful tangents than you can poke a stick at, this is an episode to remember.

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  • FYI: I apologize, in advance, to the people of Peru for some of the things which were said in this episode which may be offensive or appear derogatory, it was not intentional, nor acceptable, and Joemma should not be judged as a result. Obviously, the actions and behavior of a lone Peruvian should not reflect badly on Peruvians as a whole. Also, i apologize for opting to record this episode on a pair of $2.99 “fashione (sic) ear bud headphones” which do have a microphone (apparently), but the location and quality of that microphone is of a highly dubious nature and not intended for broadcast recordings. I will continue to update this post as additional things I need to apologize for are either brought to my attention or, in the dead of the night, come to me cryptically, in one of my frequent fever dreams…

  • Yes! Slavery apologetics! “So here’s our omnipotent ruler of the universe, and you can see how he’s subtly easing the Jews away from slavery …” because apparently he couldn’t, you know, just tell them slavery was bad and to stop doing it. God was like, “let’s start this process that will finish, oh, about 3,000 years from now. That should be enough unnecessary suffering.”

    I think the guy stroked out when he was talking about Yahweh being a moral monster. “So the atheists point out all this stuff that on the face of it appears to be very immoral. But it’s not because Jesus — GOOD NEWS — dietary — gospel — ritual — Jews –. Disappointing that they set the problem up so well and then so completely failed to address it.

    I lost it on the enchilada analogy. Brilliant piece of apologetics there.

    But my favorite, favorite part was when the guy said, “And after the agent has come in and gotten his free enchilada and secret mission orders, does the shop owner keep hanging the sign up?” and a light bulb goes off in Kirk Hastings’ head and he says in his trademark dopey voice, “No, because it served its purpose.” Oh man, NOTHING gets by Kirk.

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