Why yes, I do file my eyes daily. Why do you ask?

Chew on this piece of riveting journalistic muckraking from one Texe Marrs. The famed Scofield Reference Bible–beloved by evangelicals all across the nation for many decades due to its very credulous annotations–is, of course, the work of the devil. Personally, I don’t think enough of the things in this world are hell gas in disguise.

I am constantly amazed at the gross spiritual apathy and blasphemy of men and women, supposedly “Christians,” who possess a woeful ignorance of the true meaning of the Kingdom of God.

As shocking as it may seem, millions of people who consider themselves perfectly knowledgeable of the prophetic scriptures are today working earnestly in a misguided effort to help Satan and the Beast of Revelation establish their latter days global kingdom.

Disgustingly, these millions of “evangelical” and “fundamentalist” Christians actually believe that in helping Satan and the Beast set up their bloody kingdom on earth, they are, in reality, serving God.

Somehow I’m not buying that a significant portion of the population sees themselves as giving Lucifer the leg up.

Some years ago, while attending a prophecy conference in Florida, I encountered a sincere but deluded woman proudly wearing a necklace bearing the so-called Jewish Star of David, the six-pointed star. She had no idea that this star secretly represents the number 666, that occultists universally call it the hexagram, and that Satanists regularly use the six-pointed star in their satanic rituals and invocations.

Even if that were true, are you insinuating that every practicing Jew is in league with Satan? If so, Satan has found better company than your lot. At least they can hold a conversation that doesn’t eventually become a sermon about putting chastity crowns on your crotch.

Also, just because occultists (or what have you) appropriate symbols doesn’t automatically render them evil. There’s nothing intrinsically malevolent about a symbol; it could just as easily be reclaimed for good. They’re what we make of them. Unless you think there’s some geometric, subliminal 666 in there which makes us terrorists because “666” looks like three little fuse bombs

This same woman gushingly told me she was a “lover of the nation-state of Israel.” She bragged of giving large sums of money to a militant Jewish group in Jerusalem that has as its goal the blowing up of the Islamic mosque and the setting up of a new temple for the Jews atop its ruins.

“But,” I inquired of the woman, “are you not aware of II Thessalonians 2, which prophesies that the Antichrist, the Son of Perdition, shall show himself in such a temple, and blasphemously declare that he is above God?”

Yeah, fuck the innocent Muslims, what about how that’d give the Antichrist a platform he lacked before for some reason!?

“Well, yes,” she offered. “But isn’t that a good thing? That would hasten the coming of the Kingdom of the Jews, wouldn’t it?”

“The Kingdom of the Jews?,” I repeated, almost incredulous.

“Oh sure,” she excitedly exclaimed. “That is what the Scofield Bible, which my husband and I love, says. The Jews shall reign over all the earth. They are God’s Chosen. In helping them to rebuild their great temple, I am helping to usher in the Kingdom of the Jews.”

“My dear Sister,” I confided, “You cannot serve God and the Devil at one and the same time. You cannot, on the one hand, help Jews, who despise our Saviour, Jesus Christ, rebuild their blasphemous temple in which they intend to carry out animal sacrifices. This would be mocking the once and for all sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Do you really believe that in doing that, you are serving God?”

You heard it here first, folks. All Jews are dying for the temple to be rebuilt because they have an excess of animals that need sacrificing. Maybe while wringing their dozens of goat necks apiece, they can hasten the killing by stoking their burning hatred for their own messiah!!

But, she objected, “in helping the Jews rise to power, I am serving God!”

“You cannot give money to help build Satan’s kingdom,” I explained, “and in doing so, please our Lord God. If the Zionist Jews are doggedly determined to mock and disrespect the truth, why should you, a Christian, help make that come to fruition?”

“Moreover,” I concluded, “Are you not aware that it was Jesus Himself who prophesied that the Jewish Temple would be destroyed, stone by stone. And it was destroyed, by the Romans in 70 AD. You, therefore, are working to undo what God has done. Are you more wise than God?”

Oh, you mean like how God wiped out his shitty protoype world with a global flood?

You can use that logic for absolutely anything. Why are you cutting down that tree? Are you not working to UNDO the handiwork of providence!?

“But,” she again protested, “God needs a place to live. He needs an earthly temple. And he needs a Holy City, Jerusalem, a capital for the Jewish Kingdom!”

Why are you even bothering inventing this exchange, why don’t you just testify that you literally shot up into the transcendant dimension to rip apart the perfect Platonic “forms” of their argument.

This just in, the pointy edges can also be SHARP TO THE TOUCH!! Research proves this means Satan.

The Jewish Star of David secretly honors Lucifer under the disguise of Remphan, the ancient Egyptian “Star” god. In Acts 7:39-43 the blessed martyr Stephen blasted the Jews, prophetically declaring, “Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” (For more documentation about the occultic, six-pointed star, see the book, The Six-Pointed Star, by Dr. O.J. Graham, a converted Jew. Available from the ministry for $8, plus shipping.)

Dr. O.J. Graham, the ONLY Jew who decided to stop secretly worshiping the Egyptian star god Remphan! Man, that’s quite some facade those Jews have erected, what with those “scriptural studies” and “religious communities”

Earthly Jerusalem vs. New Jerusalem

I had no more time to spare. If I did, I would have informed this poor creature that God has no need of a temple built with human hands. I would have patiently explained to her that, in any event, God considers the earthly Jerusalem, the intended world capital of the Jews, so wicked He compares it to “Sodom and Egypt” (Revelation 11:8).

I would also liked to have brought to her attention the prophetic fact that earthly Jerusalem is a doomed city in bondage to Satan (Galatians 4:25-26). But, thank God, our Lord Jesus has prepared for His bride, the Christian Church, a fabulous New Jerusalem:

Man did He choose the wrong people. I knew the guy was no respecter of persons, but God you gotta respect yoSELF. You gotta spurn your “project” boyfriends, the Jewish race, and get with the good crowd: well-to-do Protestant white Americans from the 50s.

That must have been quite the hunt for a wedding dress. How do you slim a holy city’s hips?

I bet New Jersusalem will have all the most heavenly strip joints with GOLDEN shithouse PEACOCKS fighting for our amusement.

However, I suspected that this unfortunate woman was not interested in the heavenly New Jerusalem of Scripture. She was far too enamored of the earthly city of Jerusalem, site of what she was sure was going to be a global empire to be presided over by the worldly leaders and rabbis of the Jewish race she so devoutly idealized.

If that was what your imaginary straw man were after, why wouldn’t she become Jewish herself?

How sad and tragic. Like so many Christians, this pitiful lady had bought into the monstrous heresies first brought into the Church by Cyrus Scofield, a corrupt, crooked lawyer funded by Zionist Jews from New York City in the late 19th century. Scofield’s heresies promoting a Jewish kingdom and an earthly Zionist New World Order to be ruled over by a god-like Jewish race, without any Christian gentiles around to mess things up, soon became fashionable among some apostate denominations, especially among the Southern Baptists and their heavily Masonic Lodge membership.

I want to lay a heavily Masonic log all over this article. What sense does a race where every individual is “godlike” make?

Of course, the confused, but sincere woman wearing the hideous six-pointed star that day down in Florida had little knowledge of this Zionist plot by Scofield and his Jewish cohorts. She was a victim of some modern-day charlatan, perhaps a Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or Billy Graham, who had infused her with the Jewish fables against which the Apostle Paul long ago warned us to avoid (see Titus 1:14).

They injected such Jewish fables into her as The Golem, monotheism, and Woody Allen having girlfriends.

Money for the Master Race

For years, she and others have been taught that the Jews are the Master Race, that Christ-rejecting Jews, by virtue of their blood and fleshly race, are “God’s Chosen” people. The deceived multitudes are, after all, constantly surrounded by the smooth words of Zionist fanatics like San Antonio’s John Hagee and Left Behind’s Tim LaHaye telling them that the Jews comprise a “holy nation,” that if they give money to the Jews to go toward their worldly kingdom, God will prosper them and that someday, after Christian gentiles are raptured up, the ruling Jews can get on with building their long-sought earthly Kingdom.

All Jews throughout history might have enjoyed some of that “Master Race” adulation but I guess they were busy piling up bovines in a pit named STILL NOT A TEMPLE

Jesus Not Our King in Heaven

As one pro-Zionist “Christian” publication recently explained it, Jesus Christ is not our King in heaven, he’s only the groom of the church. According to the Scofield-inspired crowd, Jesus has been demoted. He’s up in Heaven today wandering around in a Jewish human body without a throne, waiting for a second opportunity to someday be King of the Jews.

“But oy vey, it turns out foreskins come back in the afterlife! He’s not in a Jewish human body after all!”

Jesus is coming. Feel the excitement.

Cyrus I. Scofield and his heretical “Bible” continue today to be idolized by Southern Baptist leaders, Pentecostal and charismatic teachers, and millions of deceived evangelicals. In fact, as documented in Joseph Canfield’s stunning exposé book, The Incredible Scofield and His Book (available through the ministry for $25, plus shipping), Mr. Scofield was a crooked, adulterous lawyer who abandoned his wife and was paid handsomely by New York Jewish plotters to betray the Christian faith. Scofield planted “Judaizer seeds” in his Bible commentaries denying Christ’s heavenly kingdom, whereas Jesus had proclaimed to Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). Scofield and his Talmudic Jewish mentors conceived of a coming worldly kingdom led by powerful Jews who would reign over inferior Gentiles for a thousand years. Jewish rabbis everywhere must be laughing hysterically that the preposterous Scofield scam has worked out so beautifully over the years.

Yes, Jewish rabbis have been laughing hysterically nonstop for over a century now. They hired Scofield to fill a single Bible with annotations propounding on their ideas, and then sat on their thumbs. What an amazing and diabolical master plan.

The Kingdom of God, say the Judaizers and Zionists, is not in heaven, nor is it in the hearts of men and women who have faith in Jesus their Lord. The Kingdom is the property exclusively of the Jews right here on earth!

This, then, is the final landing point of the heretical, Satanic journey and amusement ride on which the Zionist schemers are enthusiastically jockeying the Christian masses. Jesus, who was killed by the Jews after he told Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world,” is once again humiliated and degraded. Rejected almost two thousand years ago as King of the Jews, He is today rejected by Zionists and Judaizers as a heavenly Monarch as well. His heavenly crown is ripped from His brow. He is barred from the heavenly throne.

You know what might put an end to all this Zionism business, man? How about Jesus actually getting off his ass already and second coming?

While Jesus is demoted and shunted aside, a mere human race, the Jews, are spiritually and materially enthroned and exalted. Soon, we are told, the Jews shall have the kingdom for which they have lusted throughout the centuries since before the days of John the Baptist. Of course, to guarantee this earthly kingdom, the Gentile Christians are first to be raptured and out of the way. Only then, say the Judaizers, can the racially blessed and God-favored Jews rise to the pinnacle of universal power. It is supposedly the destiny of the Jews to be god-men and rulers of planet earth.

Yes, the Jews have been after a global empire since millennia ago, which is why they never proselytize and have always striven to keep to themselves. It makes perfect sense.

No, Jesus’ Kingdom is not future. It is not limited to earthly habitation. It is alive. It is eternal. It exists now. Our Father in Heaven has declared His Majesty, and who is able to deny Jesus His deserved crown and Kingdom?

I dunno, I’ve seen a ton of manhoods that could use those crowns lately.

The Apostle Paul told us that all who trust in Jesus as Lord are already entered into His Kingdom. We are even now “situated in heavenly places” (see Col. 1:13; I Thes. 2:12; Hebrews 12:22). Friends, would you then trade in your heavenly and joyous abode for a man-made residence here on this tumultuous, depraved planet earth? Well, count me out! My calling, destiny and hope is to reside in glory with Christ Jesus, not to remain here, on this doomed, miserable pile of dirt and rocks called planet earth. If the Jews and their Judaizer associates want it that bad, let them have this planet.

“I despise the Earth our heavenly father made for us, praise be to him”

No Zion Without King Jesus

The true Kingdom of Zion is, in fact, the New Jerusalem, a heavenly city and habitat built by God without human hands. What’s more, citizenship in Zion is based not on race and blood. A person must be chosen by the King of Zion and must be born again into this Kingdom (John 3:3). Citizenship in this marvelous Kingdom is the privilege of believers.

The wonderful thing is that there can be no Zion without a King. And the Word of God trumpets the indisputable Truth: There is No King but King Jesus!

So if the Jews already know that we’re they’re saying is a lie, then why do they want it themselves??? Where did this absurd idea that the Jewish people, with their storied history, could all just be riding a tremendous ruse to…

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