The following are the thoughts of a deeply stupid man.

If, as evolutionists claim, all of mankind evolved from the SAME primitive life-source, then how did we end up with 7,000 different languages? Did one gorilla get angry at another gorilla and decide to start a new language? I’m intrigued to know.

No, but it does explain your birth.

The Bible teaches that God created all the different languages at Babel… “Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech … Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth” (Genesis 11:7,9). It is far more reasonable to accept the Biblical claim that God created all of mankind’s different languages; than it is to believe that some space-dust from a massive chaotic explosion somehow became life, and then took on intelligence, and then from the same evolutionary process ended up with 7,000 different languages. That makes no sense at all.

I’d like to take this moment to ask you, the reader, to imagine what happened to those workers after they each left with a language unique to them. How would they have been able to propagate their languages? Not only would they not have been able to communicate with anybody else, but even given that they somehow managed to gain a wife and kids, the new language those kids learned from their dad would have in turn remained exclusive to them, and so on down the generations. Resulting in an absurd isolation among peoples that can never be resolved so long as God continues to hold to his arbitrary sentencing. And when was it God decided his punishment should be rescinded? When were languages mysteriously allowed to intermingle once again?

There are no “primitive” languages. All languages have a system of sounds, words, and sentences that can adequately communicate the content of culture. This is evidence of a divine Creator. The languages of the so-called “primitive” peoples are often very complex in their grammatical structures. If mankind had advanced through an evolutionary process, then there should still be developing languages today; but in fact, one languages disappears every 2-weeks…

Funny how God created a ton of languages that would never be appreciated by those seeking to catalog His truths.

The fact that mankind’s languages are vanishing from civilization at any alarming rate is proof that evolution is a lie. If evolution were true, then the process by which mankind has obtained 7,000 languages would be continuing today. Has the evolutionary process ceased? According to the Bible it never happened in the first place. One would have to be a fool to follow the nonsense of evolution. Hey, if the Big Bang Theory is true, then why was there only one? Why not two or three big bangs, or a thousand? It’s amazing to me how people continually place God and the Bible on trial; yet unquestioningly accept the illogical theories of evolution. This just shows their wicked heart of unbelief in the Word of God.

I like how Stewart seems to think that there has been some sort of moratorium on new languages. To prove how wrong this is, I’m going to invent a new word to describe him, that surpasses even Infantostimulatrix in accuracy. That word is Cessbrain. It’s so genius it’s probably eating the other languages.

And evidently, languages disappearing is proof against evolution. Wouldn’t it be evidence against a just world? Evolution more than accounts for a cruel world, as Stewart so loathes.  It’s not as though any “evolutionist” would claim no animal species ever went extinct, so why should languages by any different? Furthermore, how does the number of languages equate to human advancement/ “progress”? How can a person be so wrong in so many different ways in such record time? Once again, the Cessbrain pulses with evolution.




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