Isaiah 24:9, “They shall not drink wine with a song; strong drink shall be bitter to them that drink it.”

Pro tip, Stewart. The context of that verse is a description of the end of the world. It’s not a commandment to abstain from drinking wine with song.

Grab a beer, or, if you really want to stick it to Stewart, down some pure rubbing alcohol. I don’t mind if you read this riff upside-down.

It is so sad what has happened to America. Every form of wickedness is being shamelessly and shamefully committed, glorified and paraded in American culture these days—fornication, nudity, taking the Lord’s name in vain, dishonoring parents, covetousness, stealing, violence, adultery, homosexuality, idolatry, abortion, nudity and DRUNKENNESS!!! Drunkenness is a Trojan Horse sin, opening the door to many other horrible sins, particularly lewdness, violence and sexual immorality.

When you’re super drunk, however, your lewdness is covered up by that morning’s pancakes, so it’s okay. And you can’t hit what you can’t reach, whether it’s your fist or your peen. In other words, drinking until you can barely function also means drinking until you can barely sin.

Worldly singers Jimmy Buffet and Toby Keith ought to be ashamed of themselves for their latest song… “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE.” In barrooms, night clubs and music venues all across America beer drinkers are singing this new shameful hit song… “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE!” Karaoke has become very popular in nightclubs and taverns in recent decades. It’s simply the backing track versions of original songs, which allow anybody and everybody to sing along with the song. Toby Keith seems to have a sinful infatuation with booze and alcoholism in his music. It sells more records. In “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE,” both Jimmy Buffet and Toby Keith are portrayed as being drunks. What a horrible shame to glorify the sin of drunkenness!

Yes, I’m sure they croon many an ode to alcoholism. “Beat your wife/ to eject the wine from her mooooouth / this is life/ when you’re from the sooooooouth”

Here are some of the lyrics which I typed out to the Godless song, “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE”

Last night at the bar it was Karaoke night
Yeah, everybody down there was feeling’ alright
They got big margarita *pitchers
(bitches?) 2-for-1… yum, yum
They were feeling foot loose and ready for some fun

*Note: It’s obvious from the song that Jimmy Buffet is saying “bitches” instead of pitchers in the song, evidenced by the whores in the video and the following words in the lyrics, “They were feeling foot loose and ready for some fun.” Clearly, it’s a play on words.

What, no linking “loose feet” to the papacy’s advocacy of works salvation?

I’m just sad the whores weren’t carrying briefcases because that would have finally spurred Stewart’s blissful bodily explosion

When I signed up I was ready to go
but they didn’t call my name for an hour or so
Damn if it didn’t make me wait too long
I was in no kind of shape to sing a John
______ song
(I couldn’t find the spelling of this word)

Too drunk to karaoke! Too drunk to karaoke!
If you keep on drinking, you’re going to be too drunk to karaoke just like me

Well the place got rockin, temptation was too strong
All the pretty girls kept eggin’ me on
We’ll I should have kept my flip flops glued to the chair
Well no, I jumped right up and slicked back my hair

Too drunk to karaoke. Too drunk to karaoke
Well you can sing in the shower til you sound real good
You can terrorize the whole damn neighborhood
But when you hit that stage with that mike in your hand
You better pace yourself son, if you wanna have fans

Too drunk to karaoke! Too drunk to karaoke!
If you keep on drinking, you’re going to be too drunk to karaoke just like me…
Too drunk to karaoke!
Too drunk to karaoke!
Too drunk to karaoke!
Too drunk to karaoke!

It’s a shame that Toby Keith and Jimmy Buffet don’t care about their influence as role models on America’s youth and around the world. Teens hear 34 liquor bands a day in Hip Hop and Rap. Country music is just as bad. Toby Keith just released another pro-alcohol song in July of 2013 titled, “I Like Girls Who Drink.” Only God in Heaven knows how many teen girls are going to start drinking because of Toby Keith’s stupid songs!!! Country Music Television (CMT) these days, and Great American Country (GAC) are becoming increasingly risqué, raunchy and saturated with sexual immorality. God hates lasciviousness, which promotes to sexual crimes. The American people are in woeful denial that our irresponsible culture of lust, booze and perversion is corrupting our youth. The Bible teaches that we are all a product of our environment. Acts 4:20, “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”

Yes. All girls lunge headlong into the wares of the liquor aisle when they catch “I Like Girls Who Drink” because Toby Keith was born irresistible.

The song promotes sexual immorality…

Well the place got rockin, temptation was too strong
All the pretty girls kept eggin’ me on

Booze and sexual immorality are virtually synonymous. Taverns are houses of sin. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sin City Las Vegas is predominantly Mormon!!! Mormons work in the casinos and hotels. Mormonism is the Devil’s religion, steeped in sexual immorality. What a better place for sexually perverted Mormons than ground zero in the most sexually perverse city on earth since Sodom… LAS VEGAS!!!

I await your article on the population of pinko Amish in the world’s haven of communism, New York City

At 0:24 in the video “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE,” the following creepy occult image appears. Notice the darkened All Seeing Eye. Also, notice the grey Illuminati ‘The Great Pyramid’ to the left of Santa’s bottom lip. The scene before this screen capture shows the name of the bar, which is, “Santa’s.” It’s not coincidence that the karaoke tavern is called Santa’s, a clear rearrangement of the word “SATAN’S.” People have no idea how steeped American culture is in satanism and the occult…



Above Image: A Screen Capture From The Music Video “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE.” Notice clearly that the All-Seeing-Eye is located immediately above The Great Pyramid. Santa’s head is actually SATAN’S head! Do you see the Devil with his eye looking down upon the New World Order? Notice the word “KARAOKE” above Santa’s head. This is a subliminal message. In other words, American society is drunk with cares, riches and pleasures… too drunk to see the truth of the Devil’s New World Order!!!

American society is drunk with CARES! How dare you not twiddle your thumbs and fart in Jesus’ name for the rest of your life?

And what, pray tell, is KARAOKE a subliminal message for?

Ladies and gentleman, the architects of the New World Order (aka, the globalists) are mocking our stupidity. They’re mocking the average American who is being led as lambs to the slaughter. While most Americans are pimp-dancing with impudent faces; lewd, crude and rude; intoxicated with booze; our liberties are being robbed, a police state is rising up quickly and everything our society once held dear is disappearing before our very eyes, but we’re all “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE”!!!

Stewart! Maybe if you grind yourself into a paste, you can jam the works of the New World Order slaughter machine! Think how Jesus sacrificed himself, then kindly cause yourself more pain!!

Dr. Jack Hyles preached an eye-opening sermon back in 1970 titled, Why The Antichrist Must Come Soon. Basically, Dr. Hyles explains how nearly every dictatorship in history arose from the ashes of social decadence and anarchy. Likewise, the Antichrist will arise from the ashes of American society. This is what is meant on the reverse of every U.S. one-dollar bill by the Latin saying, “ONE OUT OF MANY” (i.e., ORDER FROM CHAOS). This refers to World Government, which is the Beast system of the coming Antichrist, the man of sin. Revelation 17:10-12 teach about the 8 kings. The 8th king will be the Antichrist.

“One out of many” has been referring to the world government all along, which is why it’s not on any other country’s currency! It’s not like America has some sort of union of sub-governments it could be referring to

Dr. Phil Exposes Toby Keith And Jimmy Buffet As “Enablers”

The sinful world even tells on themselves. Whether he realizes it or not, Dr. Phil exposes Jimmy Buffet and Toby Keith as “ENABLERS” for their music that encourages substance abuse and drunkenness. In their shameful song “TOO DRUNK TO KARAOKE,” Buffet and Keith make up their own word called “DRUNK-A-TIV-ITY.” The sin of drunkenness is a big joke to them! Read what Dr. Phil says about “ENABLERS” …

An enabler is a person who, acting out of a sincere sense of love, loyalty and concern, steps in to protect, cover up for, make excuses for and become more responsible for the chemically dependent person. This can prevent the addicted individual from a crisis that might bring about change, and thereby prolong his or her illness.

Brilliant reading of the situation, Stewart. They’re enablers because they personally pay out of pocket for the drinks of all the bar-goers that happen to be listening to one of their songs while ordering, and have petitioned the White House to repeal the age limit for drinking.

But lest you think Stewart likes Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil is an unsaved Modernist, who teaches behavioral modification instead of the new birth as the Bible teaches. Dr. Phil is absolutely correct about enablers, and I’m sure he’d agree to some extent that Jimmy Buffet and Toby Keith are “enablers” of alcohol abuse. Binge drinking is no different than an Oxycontin party. Check online and you’ll learn that ALCOHOL is classified as a “SCHEDULE I” narcotic. That means alcohol is highly addictive and is NOT medically necessary. Literally, alcohol is in the same category as crystal-meth and street heroin.

If you so much as breathe in the vicinity of a drop of alcohol, your blood cells turn into little unsaved Modernists.

It’s no coincidence that sexual content on television has DOUBLED since 1998. TV has become so perverted. I recently saw a perverted commercial for Liquid Plumber, where a female customer says she only has 10-minutes for the young man at the hardware store to unstop her drain. He says he can do it in 7-minutes and he’s holding a 15-foot pipe from his groin in her direction. Here’s another perverted Liquid Plumber commercial. Satan has taken over our country! No wonder perverts are everywhere!!! Americans have watched filthy Late Night Shows for so long that the awfulness of sin is gone!!! There is no fear of God today (Romans 3:18). Psalms 36:1, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.” David said that the wickedness of the wicked evidence that they do not fear God. Hardly anyone fears God anymore. I fear God! do you?

As well all know, Liquid Plumber invented the concept of the naughty joke, which did not exist in the whole annals of human history before then. The story of mankind is the story of pairs fucking once at age 11 while discussing the finer points of how wrong Calvinism would be once it began to exist, and then going to bed dreaming of Jesus’ sterling pecs until they rotted into an ooze.

We’re going into the process of dehumanization right now in America. We have forgotten God! We are a nation of drunken gluttons who glorify getting drunk, acting the fool and suffering a hangover the next morning. I’ve never understood the self-gratification that people receive from bragging to others that they got drunk, danced naked on the roof, woke up in a stranger’s apartment, puked on their neighbors lawn, or drove their car through the garage door. Oh boy, sounds like fun doesn’t it? Idiots! We are living in a nation of idiots. Sadly, the biggest idiots are the judges, lawyers and legislators who allow this debauchery to continue. 

So you want police patrolling the lands to outlaw booze. But you DON’T want a police state. Oh, that’s right, it’s not a police state when they make everyone else do as YOU would like.

I mean, we’re crazy in America. Our government is more concerned about children drowning in open 5-gallon buckets, than they are about children being killed by drunk drivers. Every year in America, millions of people are either killed, injured or permanently crippled because of alcohol. Alcohol is a deadly poison… “deadly” because it is NOT recognized in society as such. Beer is without a doubt one of the MOST consumed beverages today. Is it any wonder that so many people are still becoming victims.

DJS is only upset because he was disappointed that laying down 5-gallon buckets does not, in fact, lure in children.

Thank God, I’ve never drank a drop of liquor in my life and by God’s grace don’t plan on starting. The world can keep their liquid Devil. Beer is for fools. I’ve seen some horrible things in my life because of alcohol. I’ve seen men lying in the street gutter, intoxicated, and others dead. Countless people have frozen to death on the streets in Chicago because they drank alcohol and it tricked them. Alcohol makes you feel warm, while actually lowering your body’s core temperature until you die. I watched a drunk man run a knife through his hand, just about cutting his thumb off. I’ve seen men beat their wives, break out the windows on their home, drive off the road and have stood over the graves of the dead who were murdered by a drunk driver. I’ll never forget that little white coffin next to his mother’s full-size coffin. The two coffins were lowered into their graves. I’ll never forget that smaller sized grave. She was pregnant when a drunk driver struck her. The drunk lived.

Damn, it was me who did all of those things. I’ll never eat another of those little chocolate liquor balls again!







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