Wherein Stewart claims to have met gay people who fit his crude stereotype.


America is in trouble with God. We have sinned against God as a nation, by allowing homosexuality to flourish in society. Homosexuality, which was once viewed as contemptible and disgusting, is increasingly being viewed as “an alternative lifestyle.” No, Biblically it is a wicked sin.

New York’s City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, said (as quoted by the Associated Press in the article to the right)… “A few hateful homophobes will not set us back.

Hateful homophobes? You mean Christ-honoring Christians like Michael Marcavage? Homosexuality is a horrible sin, and something to be greatly  ashamed about. As born-again Christians, we are commanded to refute (Greek, “elencho,” to EXPOSE—Eph. 5:11) all works of darkness. Homosexuality is a Satanic work of darkness, a menace to society.

It sure is a menace to society. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the mailbox only to be gay sexed by a rabid penis. And I can’t even describe what happens whenever I try to pick up any sticks!

In these apostate days in which we live, evil men and women are working relentlessly to legalize homosexual marriage, and to homosexualism America’s children. I’ve been required to work with several homosexuals in my lifetime at various secular jobs. They all had several things in common:

  • Total resentment for the Word of God
  • A hateful spirit towards Bible-believing Christians
  • A violent temper
  • Total lack of moral guidance (anything goes)
  • Very opinionated and outspoken

I hear it’s especially easy to homosexualism a child in utero with the pop music

I think it’s time for a revised list of things the gay people Stewart met all had in common

  • Total resentment for David J. Stewart
  • A hateful spirit towards David J. Stewart
  • A violent temper when harassed by David J. Stewart
  • Total lack of moral guidance (anything goes) when driven into a homicidal rage by David J. Stewart
  • Very opinionated and outspoken about how David J. Stewart’s severed head wouldn’t go nice with the decor so it’s not worth it.

I stand in solidarity with them in this as well.

I’m not saying this is true of every homosexual; but, it is true of the one’s I have worked around. My personal observations are confirmed by statistical reports that link homosexuality, violence, and child abuse.

I’m not trying to be unkind to homosexuals; but the statistical evidence against them is extremely disturbing. There are many reasons, apart from the Bible, why homosexuality is horribly wrong. For one thing, every child needs a mom and a dad.

Actually, if we are to take from Jesus’ fine example, every child needs one randomly selected divine splooge receptacle, whom they can then snub throughout their whole lives.

I feel sorry for the two little girls in the photo to the right. They are growing up with “two mommies”; but, without a father at home. Every child NEEDS both parents (a mother and a father) to properly identify their own sexuality. It is crazy for anyone to even suggest that two women, or two men, can properly raise a child. It cannot be done.

You’re right, Stewart, those two little girls look so dead inside. You can practically chart the darkness.

What other amazing parenting advice can we look up to you for, Stewart? How best to wipe diapers of evidence when the cop sirens start up?

They may provide materially for the child’s needs; but, nothing can replace a loving relationship between a mom and dad (a male and a female). Another reason why homosexuality is obviously wrong is because two women, or two men, cannot reproduce. This FACT alone reveals the utter nonsense of the claim that homosexuality is “natural.” There is nothing natural about homosexuality. Nothing!

Humans cannot fly. It is unnatural therefore to step onto an aeromobile! Don’t you know that elderly couples can’t reproduce, and ought therefore to be surreptitiously replaced by black-clad agents of the night with clones of the Beaver family?

The theme of New York’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March was “The Fight For Love and Life.” What a misnomer! What a lie! They are not fighting for love or life, they are fighting in rebellion against God. A married man may fall in love with another woman; but he has no Biblical right to commit adultery. Even if two women were to fall in love with each other, and desire intimate relations–the Word of God condemns homosexuality.

Then why did God allow homosexuality to be an option to begin with? Talk about setting people up for misery. And what’s stopping the Almighty from beaming down one or two spray cans of Urges-B-Gone

If a person sincerely believes that they were born genetically “gay,” then the Bible calls them to a life of celibacy, because homosexuality is an abominable sin unto God. No person is born homosexual; but we are all born with a sin-nature. No man is born a thief, or a murderer, or a liar, or a homosexual—these are all sins that mankind has the capacity to commit; but, it is because of his sin-nature, not because he was hopelessly born that way. 

You know, he’s got a point. It’s true that in a controlled experiment, when you entrap two or more penises to vibrate against each other in a formation of the golden rectangle, what results is what can only be called a murder explosion.

Everyone is tempted to commit certain sins at various times; but, God has given us laws (commandments) to live by. Just because a man has a desire to steal something, doesn’t make it acceptable for him to do so. Just because a woman wants to commit adultery with the neighbor next door, doesn’t give her a Biblical right to do so. And just because someone has homosexual desires, doesn’t make it Biblically acceptable. Homosexuality is a vile sin, referred to as “sodomy” in the Old Testament (named after the wicked city of Sodom—Jude 1:7).

Hmm, I noticed the Bible doesn’t say anything about pedophilia. Curiouser and curiouser.

It is not surprising that the heathen world is trying to condone homosexuality; but, we as Christ-honoring believers must take an uncompromising stand against this evil sin. Jesus taught love; but, He never taught compromise and acceptance of sin. We read in Hebrews 1:9 concerning Jesus… “Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity…” Jesus HATED INIQUITY. Jesus does love all sinners; but, He hates their sin equally.

Don’t worry, Stewart. The heathen world doesn’t want you. And we promise never to try to homosexualism you as long as you remain within this 5 by 5 foot steel box.

 It is evil that anyone would refer to a Bible-believing Christian as a “hateful homophobe.” We are NOT hateful, we simply are proclaiming what the Word of God teaches. Even apart from the Bible, the frightening statistics are cause for concern. Such sicko organizations as NAMBLA are NEVER criticized by the homosexual community. This speaks volumes against homosexuality in itself. Birds of a feather flock together, and the heathen are uniting once again in rebellion against the Lord, just as they did at the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament.

 Where are all the daily periodicals devoted to taking down a fringe of the fringe laughingstock organization!? Clearly the gays are trying to NAMBLAism you.

We are not hateful Christians, we are obedient Christians, obeying Ephesians 5:11, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” If you want to see who’s hateful, watch this video. We are NOT homophobic Christians, we are legitimately concerned citizens who want to protect out children from these perverts. The entire world is now aware of the massive amount of child-molesting which has occurred in the Catholic Church within the past few decades; BUT, what many people don’t realize (and the newsmedia won’t tell you), is that over 50% of all priests are also HOMOSEXUALS

The news media won’t tell you this blatantly ludicrous statistic I just pulled out of my ass! Note also that the linked “hateful homo mob” video does not appear when clicked, presumably because the sheer volume of man on man sweat swapping was enough to drive Stewart’s dick straight into the offending HTML code.

Let me close by saying that NO child will ever have “two mommies” or “two daddies.” A child can only have ONE mommy and ONE daddy. A child may have a homosexual mother living in sin with another homosexual woman; but, it’s impossible for a child to have two mommies.


Jesus had two daddies.

The height of clever satire




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