SFAC 6Merry Christmas, mutants. What better pressie could we give you than over an hour of Joemma and Chuck Morrison destroying another E4F episode. We prophecy that you will love it more than glazed ham or turkey with cranberry sauce. That is one prophecy that will come true (unlike all the ones we discuss on this episode).

6 Responses to E4F Takedown 2: Electric Suckfuckachuck (a fruit and two asses)

  • You guys are funny, but this show is rough to listen to. The biggest problem is the pacing. It takes over three minutes to get underway and that is very taxing on the attention span. The intro is disjointed and pointless and the whole show feels like it is dragging on. It needs segments to break up the straight conversation, otherwise the listener will start to tune out. I was really excited to hear that chuck was on, but before too long I realized that I was more engaged by “the king of queens” (one of the shittiest sitcoms ever made) on the tv on the wall of my gym.

    Ironically you mock the idea of needing and audio engineer for a podcast. This show desperately needs one to fix the constant issues with sound quality, compression rates, and relative volumes levels.

    The show also needs good editing. While I understand the fun of a conversation with a friend, it doesn’t usually work so well with a show. In real life there is a ton of dead air between dialogue that has to be cut out for the sake of the audience attention span.

    I want to listen to your show, but the low production value and abundance of dead air is making it not worth the trouble.

    • Hi Mikey

      Your comments about the episode have been taken on board.

      The audio issues drive Joe and I nuts aswell. Ironically, the audio we used for the Chuck episode was recorded on Chuck’s computer, so please forward any complaints re the audio quality to him.

      Joe and I do not claim to have a professionally produced podcast. We both work, and each episode takes at least 10 hours to research and write up; 2 hours to record and 14 hours to edit (including 3 hours of my Christmas morning that my family were NOT impressed with). Seriously, if you have suggestions re software that could reduce this time comittment and improve our audio quality, we would love to hear about them. We are truly amateurs so we welcome any helpful advice we can get.

      If you are looking for a more professionally produced and serious skeptical podcast, then “Skeptoid” may be more to your liking. I download it every week and really enjoy it.

      Hope you find the podcast you are looking for, but Meat Mutant may not be it.

      • What software are you using? 14 hours to edit a 90 minute episode is way too long. The general formula for time to edit a show is 2x running time + 30 min.
        Sound quality will improve tremendously if you use two plug in tools. A Compressor and a downward expander. Let me know if your software has those tools and I can make suggestions for how to use them.
        Before you export the final track you can scan through it by playing it at random spots to see if the overall volume is the same (the compressor will really help this).
        Don’t be afraid to cut jokes/tags to keep the show moving along. The show needs to feel like it has a direction and that it is moving along.
        The writing in many parts is really good, lots of belly laughs. With tight editing, you can have a good show.

  • Great show! I’ve missed the meat mutants; it was great to hear Chuck, and nothing provides more LULZ than E4F.

    –So if you start your analysis now as the probabilities that I (1 of over 7 billion people) would happen to download the digital data for this particular show and listen to it on the first day of the 2013 I’m sure you that in 10 years you can figure out the odds that I would write this! Surely it has to be astronomical when you figure in the number of sperm in ejaculate of the egg that conceived me and the number of combinations of letters I could use to create completely different words, but I created this! It’s gazillion to 1– therefore Jesus!

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