Joemma return to one of their favourite topics – mythology. Wow, the people of 12th century Germanic Europe had some kick arse imaginations. I guess there wasn’t much else to do up there during winter except sit around a fire and see who could come up with the most batshit crazy story. You’re gonna hear a lot about elves, giants, dwarves, mutant animals, magical inanimate objects and more shape-shifting than you can poke a magical spear at. Frig, we hope you enjoy this one.

By the way, this episode is posted without Joe’s final OK. He’s been off-line since Superstorm/Superbeeyatch Sandy hit NYC. I am sure all you meaty mutants wish him the best and we all really, really hope he and his family are OK.

UPDATE: Joe is OK, but cleaning up a hell of a mess.

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