Joemma have finally done it. Here it is, the long awaited E4F take down. To be completely honest, I don’t want to talk about it any more. I have been traumatised enough. It’s your turn now.
Dr. Emma

15 Responses to E4F Take Down

  • Maybe if Joe had a fully developed frontal cortex he would have made a better decision than doing a podcast on E4F, though I think this is my favourite episode so far.

    • I loved this episode–literally. I rubbed my naughty bits on it repeatedly. (Okay, that's not true, but only because I was laughing too hard to concentrate on sexy-time stuff.) Here's my favorite parts:

      1. Dr. Emma insisting that she be referred to as a doctor for the entire episode. "Non-doctor Joe." Hilarious.

      2. Exceptions to the "women" as helpmates. "If a woman is disabled, obviously she won't get married." OBVIOUSLY!? OBVIOUSLY. Emma was rightfully speechless.

      3. Birth control/dominant male discussion. Oh my fucking god. Unbelievable.

      There's too many more to list. I have to go to a barbeque. Love the show!

  • Your website looks literally 3D when I view it on my phone, and I don't have one of those fancy 3D phones. Everything red looks like it's standing about half a millimeter off the screen. If you somehow did that on purpose, that's some awesome web design work.

  • I listened to the first part during my commute. Just finished the JIS, and I'm as speechless as Emma. I'm not sure that section even warranted commentary it was so bad. God calls people to a "ministry of suffering"? So easily said by someone who doesn't suffer on a daily basis. The entire goal for a woman is to offer service to her husband? The most repulsive thing this guy can think of is a woman in a business suit carrying a briefcase and "talking with the authority of a man"?

    There really aren't words for that kind of thinking. Speech. Less.

    Can't wait for the return home when y'all rip into the good doctor, Kirk, and Keith.

    • Looked up the ministry of suffering thing, it's really fucked up. The thinking goes like this: you can only achieve the highest connection with the almighty through years and decades of spiritual anguish attempting to reconcile this rotten world with the almighty Father. That's why all the best preachers had gnawing doubts themselves! So if you're steamed at God that you're in a wheelchair, chin up, that just means that through that heartache and hurt, you'll find you know God's love more than everyone else who's not horribly crippled! YAY~~

  • The most repulsive thing this guy can think of is a woman in a business suit carrying a briefcase and “talking with the authority of a man”?

    Seriously? Pedophilia doesn't even rate?

  • Finished this morning. That podcast is the definition of "taking one for the team."

    I feel your pain. I must have listened to a dozen or so in preparation for the debate — on double speed to decrease the time spent in agony. One thing you let slip by without comment: remember when Kirk and Keith were talking about how terrible it was to say someone was in a "persistent vegetative state?" Why, they're not vegetables, they're human beings! This was such a horrible thing for doctors to do that in the section on lobotomies, Kirk called Kennedy's sister a vegetable. Those dehumanizing Christians!

    Has Dr. Mike appeared on E4F in any episode after the debate? I like to think we embarrassed him into a semblance of rationality, and he's now an atheist. Kirk and Keith of course are impervious.

    • I don't think we ever bothered to parse who was who, we just assumed whoever said the most clueless thing had to be Kirk lol

    • Yeah, I realised the vegetable thing after about 10 hours of editing so I thought I would let the self contradictory hypocrisy speak for itself…….again. Can you imagine? Hope you enjoyed the ep., but "enjoyed" just doesn't sound right in reference to E4F.

      • Great episode. I loved hearing you go on about actual critical reviews of journal articles, as opposed to what seems to be the typical E4F programming loop:

        1. Read material

        2. If (material agrees with my very narrow version of Christianity) then (regurgitate material).

        3. Elseif (material disagrees) or if (material is not extremely right wing conservative) then (quote some biblical passage that can be construed to disagree).

        3. return (cognitive dissonance avoided).

        4. Goto 1.

        My favorite line of Joe's was "lifeless sardines." A lot of them were good, but for some reason that one had me laughing out loud, alone in my car, while driving along the freeway.

  • Why the white on grey background? I can’t see anything

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