It had to happen – an episode about cats. We start with half an hour of cat JIS, and then delve into the long history of feline worship and folklore. We cover cats in ancient Egypt, Islam, Buddhism, some myths regarding certain breeds of cats, beckoning cats, black cats and finish it all of wit teh LOLCat bible, srsly. This episode also features Emma’s cat Herschel providing contextual commentary, Joe singing, Emma making pig noises, and some really annoying music. You can haz episode nao…..srsly. Hope it makes you LOL.

Links re bovine hormone:

8 Responses to Felines in Faith and Folklore

  • BOOOO! Talk about puppies (my sister has a new puppy).

  • Joe is a man of 1000 identical voices.

  • Puppies? Who wants to hear about little fuzzy incontinent creatures with poor coordination and even worse breath?

    Joe is now required to read all further JIS in that voice. End of story.

    • Have you been visiting Leighton or do you think he's just snapped without having you to talk to on the forums? I think one of the few things we can be sure about this goat man is that he is Leighton level drunk.

      • OMG, well I'm going to be in Utah next month, looks like I'll have to stop by and have a chat with the poor thing.

  • Is Herschel named after the astronomers?

  • Yes, Herschel is named after John, William, and most definately Caroline Herschel.

    As an intersting anecdote, after we had chosen the name "Herschel", I informed my husband that Krusty the Clown's father's name was "Herschel Krustovsky", and that that was aother reason to name our adopted cat "Herschel"……..husby didn't like that connection at all, but the cat's name was already decided, and stuck.

    So…… HEY HEY HEY!!! Pioneering astronomers (including an awesome chick) + Simpsons reference = how coud that name not win.


  • He's probably also named after Professor Herschel Layton

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