Giants, giants and more giants. There are also some guys who like to wrestle giants, discover countries inhabited by giants (and humbly name said countries after themselves), and huge tracts of land created by giants. Throw in some Shakespeare, American tourists, saliva, stones, fiddlers, dogs, knockers and pasties – how can you go wrong? A shortish episode crammed full of really big things…..oh my Gogmagog you’re gonna enjoy this one.

9 Responses to The Mythology and Folklore of The British Isles: Part 2

  • Ohhhhh you want to know why snakes would coil together into a bundle? I'll warn you, that adder stone may not be saliva. Many species mate in a "mating ball". View at your own risk:

    • hooray for snake orgies! I have to say I was disappointed in the lack of roundness of the mating ball. I expect more accuracy in my names for animal porn.

      • Garter snakes are a little better at achieving roundness of a mating ball :

        but even then it isn't really a ball. Oh well. Nature is…. messy. As an amusing side note for all you dirty snake-porn enthusiasts out there, while male snakes often tend to physically smaller than the female, they do have two penises.

        • 2 penises, 0 hands. I feel sorry for the shy socially awkward snakes who aren't confident enough to participate in orgies.

          Also I suggest for those who don't know what a pastie is to do a google image search so you can see what one looks like (…whistles inconspicuously).

          • Should say – Also I suggest for those who don’t know what pasties are to do a google image search so you can see what they look like (…whistles inconspicuously).

            I think that makes sense as a sentence. I'm a little bit sick and incoherent.

  • Yes, you are sick, Tort

    • Hmmm, perhaps his disease in on this chart? We may find a cure for him yet (hint I'm thinking he may need to wear red coral and moonstone….

      • Well one of the symptoms is a tendency to cause trouble (wikipedia said so, so it must be true). I do have to say though whoever had the idea of exchanging the traditional treatment for hysteria for wearing red coral and moonstone must have lived a very sad life.

  • Which traditional treatment? There are many and the most recent one is truly the fun one!

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