We sponsored an episode of one of our favorite podcasts, Read It and Weep (www.read-weep.com), and asked those lovely Seattlanian improv comics to mock 12 episodes of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the Australian Lassie show from the 60s that has become a bottomless reservoir of lulz for us.


Marvel as base humans (synonymous with Australians, of course) fail to recognize that perhaps a pet kangaroo that can solve absolutely every problem that pops up to plague us and perform acts that we sweaty apes can only bungle is a supernatural agent, a demigod and messiah born to rescue us with any number of morphine syringes and rusty bolts from her indestructible pouch.

The following is an image of Skippy hopping across a body of water, possibly to evade poachers, possibly to save a person from drowning, possibly to declare to the world that the Age of Skippy Supremacy is nigh.

4 Responses to Skippyyyyy, Skippyyyyy

  • All must listen to them and learn the damaging truth about your savior Skippy.

    It is all a lie!

  • Messiahupial

  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo got me into a big fight with my friend when I was a kid. He was singing the theme song, so me and my brother started making fun of him. Here in the US of A the show wasn't very well known, and we were sure he was making it up…but he insisted it was a real show. He was real pissed…even got his Mom to back up his story. We were convinced she was lying too. Later we looked in the TV Guide and saw that the show was real. Guess we owe him an apology, but we didn't think of that at the time and it was many years ago, so fuck it.

  • All hail skippyyy !

    skippy was my favorite show of the 90s…Oh yeah the 60s didn't come to our country till late 90s :/

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