In this episode, we set out to discuss parallels between belief in religion and belief in the paranormal. But then, we sort of don’t.

Stars (one of Emma’s friends), Spooky (Emma) and ‘Seppe (Joe), instead discuss pressing issues such as what the Earth is made of and how to pronounce it, ‘Squatching, how the first tazer was invented, why feminists are synonymous with Satan, and electronic miaow phenomena.

Every now and then you will hear Spooky trying to bring the discussion back to topic, to no avail (partly because Thor kept stuffing up Joe’s computer with his bottle of wine).

Join the three of us in Satanville for a great time (and keep an eye out for the Elves).


BTW, Stars has her own podcast. If you wanna listen, here’s a link: The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a podcast dedicated to the CW series Supernatural. With over 100 episodes full of episode reviews, news and an interview with Supernatural show runner Sera Gamble, Crossroads is the premiere podcast for Supernatural!

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