In line with our current theme of torture and endless despair, this is our first episode recorded since the demise of Irreligiosophy 🙁 .  As such, we realised we couldn’t really be a fancast of a podcast that didn’t exist anymore, so we have taken some time to regroup and rebrand.

Say hello to Meat Mutant, Joemma’s new baby.

In this, our first episode, we start by explaining the evolution of Meat Mutant so that you know where we are coming from. Henceforth, we continue our exploration of the comedy gold mine that is The Inquisition. As we travel around The Continent, one cannot help but marvel at the dogged persistence and downright dickishness of the Catholic Church. Seems the Micks got a tad anal about things like doctrine, hairstyles and footwear, and a crap tonne more people died as a result. The stories we have to tell….


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Joe and Emma have never done anything not illegal, and this is doubly true for the Meat Mutant podcast. Furthermore, we own absolutely every property swiped for cheap gags, a fact that may come as a surprise to those who created them. Lawyers, please sling only your most defamatory arrows. Go for the low blows. Contact Joe for a list of everything wrong he's ever done, he should have a fresh list in about fifteen.